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Vertical Blinds - Blockout

Vertical Blinds - Blockout

Vertical Blinds are the traditional choice normally associated with larger windows and sliding doors. They provide you with privacy and light control, and they are functional, stylish and will complement any decor. This type of blinds also work great for medium and smaller windows.

At OzBlinds, we believe in offering our customers the widest possible choice in functional and decorative blinds. We know that some styles of blind are better suited than others to particular situations, and we set out to help our customers make wise choices when dressing their windows and doors.

The horizontal, “Venetian” blinds have been with us for centuries. While they are simple and elegant, for some situations they are less than ideal. Where glazed doors and windows are designed to open by moving from side to side, it’s quite likely that a vertical blind may be a preferable choice. Today these types of blinds are sophisticated devices, with a smooth, well-engineered operating action that is pleasant to use and gives the user fine control over the position of the louvres and the draw of the blind.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages offered by vertical blinds over some of the alternatives:

Function – vertical blinds draw to the side or to the middle, instead of up and down like most of other window furnishings, so they lend themselves ideally to covering French Windows and casement windows, where frequent and abundant ventilation is required. A good vertical blind is easy and lighter to draw back than a Venetian blind, and the louvres are easy to set to precise angles to control the admission of light and heat.

Fabric – the slats are made of soft fabric, opening up a wealth of décor and design possibilities.

Cleanliness – one of the disadvantages of some other blinds is that being horizontal they tend to collect dust rather easily. Furthermore they are fiddly things to clean. Verticals blinds collect far less dust, and they are much easier to clean, since the louvres are broader and fewer in number.

Style – they tend to give a room the impression of greater height.

Light Control – like all our window shades, blinds within our Verticals range are designed both to give privacy, and to restrict the admission to the room of sunlight. Much of the light entering your rooms ends up one way or another as heat. This can be a boon, saving you heating costs on chilly, sunny winter’s day, but in summer it can raise the temperature in the room to uncomfortable levels, triggering the need for air conditioning. Ultra violet light, of which sunlight contains a great deal, has the additional disadvantage that when it strikes your furnishings, floor coverings and drapes it causes the same sort of damage it inflicts on your skin to cause sunburn. Like your skin, these materials are permanently damaged in the process, leaving them bleached in appearance and brittle.

Privacy – louvered blinds are, in general, a great way to combine light control with privacy. Depending on the direction from which a room is overlooked, a vertical blind can often offer better results than any other form.

Our blinds are manufactured with the componentry from the world’s leading manufacturers, and have robust mechanisms that are built to withstand the rigours of busy family or office life.

Measuring for your OzBlinds vertical blinds

Our blinds are manufactured from scratch to each order. We all know you should “measure twice”, but “cut once” – and that’s very much what you should do when ordering your blinds. You’ll find a handy guide to accurate measuring here.

When placing the order on our website, you will be asked to specify a number of features of your blinds, including colour and fabric type, and also aspects like whether you want your blinds mounted inside your window’s embrasure, or to extend across it.

Installing your blinds

Installing your blinds will be simple. Installation instructions are available on our website, and you will require nothing more than a drill, tape measure and a screwdriver to install them with professional accuracy.

So if you want an elegant, practical way to control the entry of light into your home or office, order your vertical blinds from OzBlinds now.