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Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen Roller Blinds are perfect if you are looking to have daytime privacy while still being able to fully see outside your window. To anyone looking at your house, it will look like your windows are tinded, but at the same time, you will be able to see them! As sunscreen roller blinds provide excellent protection from the sun, depending on the chosen fabric they are between 95% - 97% blockout, they are ideal for any room where daytime privacy and light control is required.

Big, north-facing windows bring welcome warmth in winter, saving us money and beautifying our homes. The trouble is that when the sun is high and strong, those windows turn into furnaces, and your air conditioner will spend in summer almost exactly what it saved you in winter. And of course, there are those times in spring and autumn when you want a little help from the sun, but not too much.

There’s another good reason to protect your home from the sun. Sunlight contains a great deal of ultraviolet light (UV). When UV light strikes your furnishings they turn it into heat, but in the process they damage it, causing fading. Glass removes quite a lot of UV, (turning it into heat) but quite a lot gets through. Sunscreen roller blinds come in a variety of fabrics and coatings which provide varying degrees of protection, allowing you to create an environment perfect for your home, your family and your location. And for offices, they provide an energy-saving way of preserving a comfortable, productive environment.

Sunscreen Blinds from OzBlinds are the cool way to control your environment. They’re light, they’re stylish and they’re easy to use. Our expert advice takes the mystery out of buying blinds online, we will help you get the outcome you want.

How do we do it?

Quality Blinds - We select only the manufacturers who meet our stringent quality criteria, and who support our warranty policy.

Great Customer Service - we have built our reputation around good, honest and fast customer service. We don’t just simply sell blinds, we try and help our customers create the interior environments that they want. We take the trouble to understand our customers’ precise needs and advise them on the blinds and fabrics that will best meet them. A glance at our Testimonials page will show how successful we have been as some of our past customers tell of their experience with Oz Blinds service.

Design your own climate control.

So if you would like to treat your home or office to the coolest way to stay cool, we’d love to hear from you. And here are some things to think about, as you prepare to design your own climate control. Do you want to completely exclude light? Do you want the room to remain softly lit while excluding harmful levels of UV? Which way does each of your windows face? They may deserve different levels of light control. Will you be viewing LCD screens in the room? If you want partial light transmission during the day but complete privacy at night, you can get it by teaming our Sunscreen Roller Blinds with Blockout Roller Blinds.

To learn more about how Oz Blinds’ Sunscreen Blinds can transform your home or office environment, call us now or send us a contact request. Our enthusiastic team are always ready to talk blinds, whether they are for a small home decoration project, or a large office fit out.