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Blockout Roller Blinds

Blockout Roller Blinds are the most popular type of roller blinds. They are inexpensive, and bring a crisp and elegant look to the room they are installed in. Because they block the sun entirely and give you total room privacy, blockout roller blinds are suitable for any room in the house, including the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

One of the great advantages of blockout roller blinds is their ease and simplicity of operation. This type of blackout blind is controlled by a chain that operates a chain drive. There are various types of chain drives on the market and they vary somewhat in detail. They are often a weak feature of inferior blockout roller blinds and if they fail the blind is effectively useless. That’s bad if it’s a single-blind, but if it’s part of a roomful of block out blinds, it can be a real headache. So it’s vital that you buy your blockout roller blinds from a reputable and trusted supplier. A good blackout blind should have a smooth, deliberate action that is a pleasure to use, and which will withstand the rough treatment it will encounter in a busy home or office. To protect your kids from potentially harming themselves, they should come with a childproof chain lock constructed to Australian standards.

At OzBlinds we are experts in blockout blinds. We want to make sure the blockout roller blinds we supply not only look good but keep working perfectly time after time. The mechanisms of our blinds are engineered to cope with the challenges of family use. So as well as choosing from our large selection of practical modern fabrics in a multitude of customisable colours and textures, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with a sturdily constructed product that won’t let you down.

Another great feature of our blockout blinds is that great quality and great looks can come at great prices – take a look at our range and you’ll see how economical it can be to control the light entering a room and give it a beautiful contemporary feel.

OzBlinds gives you a choice of blockout blinds:

Blockout – for rooms where complete privacy is required, or where a very low light environment is needed to view screens or projections. Light is totally excluded while the blind is drawn, and a large proportion of all light striking the window is rejected back through it. A small amount of light may enter on the sides of the blind, but the volume will depend on the mount type you choose.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds– partially excludes incoming radiation, reducing glare, making LCD screens comfortably viewable and keeping the room cool. Ideal for situations where maximum privacy is not called for, but a comfortably lit interior is needed.

Double Roller Blinds – the best of both worlds. A dual blind setup allows you to control precisely the interior environment – control for privacy; control for glare; control for temperature.

This combination of function, practicality and form is what gives our blackout blinds their cool, sophisticated beauty. They have a clean, uncluttered look that appeals to today’s architects and interior designers who want to create elegant interiors giving privacy and comfort.

Blockout Roller Blinds Made to Measure, for a Perfect Fit

Our range of designs and fabrics is huge, but once you’ve made your selection, it’s easy to order blinds online. Because fabrics may appear slightly differently on computer displays, we do suggest that you take the precaution of requesting a sample of your chosen fabric before confirming your order.

Once you have received your samples and your choice has been made, head over to our website and using our simple online ordering system, place the final order. You’ll have the option to name the room each blind is for so that when your order arrives, you’ll be reminded which blind goes where. You’ll also be asked to choose from a number of options to customise your blinds – not only colours, but functional details like which side you want the chain on, and whether the blind is to fit within the window embrasure or to cover it. Do think carefully about these details – you are designing your own blind! And take care to read our measuring guide before placing the order. Remember the old saying, measure twice; cut once!

Custom Made Blockout Roller Blinds

Your blinds will be manufactured to the dimensions you give us on your order. In some instances the factory will make a small deduction to your sizes, ensuring their perfect fit. Some will come with a complete set of, step by step instructions for installation, while the others will have these instructions available on our website for you to download and use.