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Vertical Blinds - Blockout

Need new blockout vertical blinds? Try our modern, durable and easy-to-install blockout verticals. Order online and enjoy Australia-wide delivery!

What are blockout vertical blinds?

Blockout vertical blinds are standard vertical blinds that use slats made from blockout material. These slats are specifically designed to block out sunlight and provide complete privacy.

What track type do you use?

We use Louvolite's premium "Vogue" track, featuring a gorgeous, slightly curved design for a modern look.

Can we choose the slat width?

Yes, you can choose between 89mm or 127mm wide slats.

What bottom weight styles are available?

You can choose between a link chain or sealed/sewn-in weights where the weight is concealed within the fabric, making it invisible from the outside.

What is the maximum width available?

The maximum width for a single blind is 4950mm. For larger openings, multiple blinds can be used side by side.

What are the available opening directions?

Our vertical blinds can be manufactured as Left-Hand Bunch, Right-Hand Bunch, Centre Opening or Centre Bunch.

Can we choose a control style?

You can choose between a cord or a wand control. The cord control comes with a cord and chain that can be used to tilt and open/close slats. On the other hand, the wand control offers the same functions with just a wand. You can position the controls on either the left or right side.

What is the stack size?

The stack size is small, and it depends on the total width of your blind.

How can they be installed?

They can be installed either as Inside Fit - where the blinds are installed inside the recess, or Outside Fit - where the blinds are installed outside of the recess.

Can I order fabric colour samples?

Yes, you certainly can. Select the fabric colours you like, order the samples online, and we will promptly send them to you.

Have questions about our blockout vertical blinds?

If you need any help or have questions, please feel free to get in touch.