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Venetian blinds in a modern living room with a fire place

Venetian Blinds

Quality Venetian blinds online. Custom made to your measurements. Delivered to your doorstep Australia-wide.

Classic, Custom Made Venetian Blinds Online

Our Venetian blinds are beautiful. They are made from high-quality components, are simple to use, and will refresh your home or office with a classic but modern look. For a layered look, pair Venetian blinds with sheer curtains.

Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber Venetian blinds add luxury and class tour your space. Our timber blinds are made from Basswood, a real timber, lightweight natural wood that comes in a popular colour range.

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Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian blinds are great for any room in the house. They are also great for offices and other commercial spaces.

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Quality Made To Last

Our Venetian blinds are made with high-profile steel headrails, top quality materials and components, on state-of-the-art equipment. They are simply excellent and will last you a long time.

Great For Wide Windows

Our Ecowood Venetians go up to 2710mm wide and our Aluminium Venetians go up to 3010mm. They are ideal if you want one blind to cover the large window opening.

Great For Wet Areas

Our Ecowood Venetian blinds have great durability. They are suitable for wet areas like bathrooms, laundry and kitchens, where humidity can be high. 

Custom Made For Perfect Fit and Look

Our Venetian blinds are manufactured to your measurements and customisation options which ensures that you'll get a perfect fit Venetian blind that will look and function the way you want. They are available in two slat widths, 50mm and 25mm (aluminium blinds).

Great For Privacy and Light Control

Easily control the angle of the slats using cords or a wand (aluminium blinds) to control the amount of light that enters your home or the amount of privacy you wish to achieve. Also, they help with thermal insulation as they provide an extra insulation layer on your window or door.

Easy To Install. Child Safety Compliant.

Our Venetian blinds are easy to install and come with installation instructions. They also comply with Australian child safety requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Can I install Venetian blinds in Bathroom?

Yes, you can. Venetian blinds NOT made from natural wood are a good choice for bathrooms. Check out our Ecowood range, as they would be an ideal choice.

Which rooms are Venetian blinds most suitable for?

They are suitable for every room in the house, including wet areas like the kitchen and laundry.

Are Venetian blinds good for light control?

Yes, they are. Using the tilt mechanism, you can position the slats at various angles throughout the day, to allow as much or as little light to enter your home.

Should Venetian blinds face up or down when closed?

If you want to allow some light in your home, close the blinds in the DOWN position. If you want a complete blockout and privacy effect, close the blinds in the UP position.

Do I need to assemble my blinds when I receive them?

No, your blinds will be fully assembled so you don't have to do anything. They are ready to be installed as soon as you receive them.

Do you include all parts or do we buy them separately?

All parts are included except installation screws. We leave the choice of installation screws to you as there are many installation surfaces that require different screw types (brick, timber, concrete...), and you know your requirement the best.

How do I operate my Venetian blinds?

To open, close, lift and lower your Ecowood or Basswood Venetians, you will use cords. For aluminium blinds, you will use cords to lift and lower the blind and a wand to open and close the slats.

How do I clean my Venetian blinds?

Regular dusting will help you keep your venetians clean. For spot cleaning, or if there is a dust buildup, remove dust first and then wipe slats gently with a damp cloth. Do not use cleaning products as they might damage your blind or affect the colour.