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Cordless Roller Blinds

If you are looking for roller blinds without chains or motors, we can help. We can manufacture your blinds with ZeroGravity blind system that you can request to be used in manufacturing your blinds.

What is the ZeroGravity system?

ZeroGravity is a spring system that offsets the weight of the blind over the entire range of blind travel. You can roll the blind up or pull it down with the lightest touch. No chain or motor is required.

Can ZeroGravity be used in all blind widths?

Unfortunately not. The minimum blind width required for ZeroGravity is 670mm.

Do the ZeroGravity blinds leave less of a gap at the sides when used in a recessed window?

Yes, the gap would be 4mm smaller compared to blinds with chain (chain drive).

How to order cordless roller blinds with the ZeroGravity system?

Simply select the "Chainless - ZeroGravity" option in the drop menu and your blinds will be made with the Zero Gravity system.

What is the cost of the ZeroGravity system?

ZeroGravity can be used only with our Australian made roller blinds (except express range), and the cost is $75 per blind. Here are the videos of how ZeroGravity works.

Have questions or need help?

Our team is always available to answer questions or give advice. Please feel free to get in touch with us.