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Vertical Blinds

We have premium quality vertical blinds online for you! Our prices will save you a bundle. Check out the blinds and more descriptions below.

What is the quality of your vertical blinds like?

Our blockout vertical blinds are of premium quality. We use LOUVOLITE "Vogue" track which is absolutely gorgeous. The Vogue track has a slight curve to it for the more modern look - not like that old-fashioned boxy type of yesteryear.

What is the quality of your fabric like?

DAWN fabric is one of the best, and some would even say the best, fabric of this type on the market. It is a "standard" type of fabric - polyester with acrylic coating, has both sides of the fabric in the same colour and it is very easy to clean.

What are the available blind options?

Available installation types are: Inside or Outside Mount

Available openings are: Left Stack, Right Stack, Centre Opening or Centre Stack

Available controls are: Cord or Wand Control

Available control sides are: Left or Right

Available bottom-weight options are: Link Chain, Chainless or Sealed/ Sewn-In Weights (weight is inside the fabric and it is not visible)

Also, these blinds are available in 5 track colours, 40 fabric colours, and 4 chain colours.

How are your blinds compared to other vertical blinds on the market?

Our vertical blinds are "premium quality". Looking at the Australian blind market, there are so many vertical blinds online to choose from but if you want to buy vertical blinds online that will be fantastic to look at, be maintenance-free and that will last you for years to come, then look no further. The quality of our vertical blind track, componentry and fabric is unbeatable.

How long does it take for delivery if I was to buy vertical blinds online?

Currently, due to Covid isolation issues, our manufacturing time for these blinds is longer than usual and it stands at 16 - 24 working days + delivery time. Usually, that is significantly lower. Our vertical blinds are usually manufactured and delivered to you within 16 to 24 working days. Delivery time depends on your location and some remote destinations might experience a little delay in delivery.