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Linked Roller Blinds

Independently linked roller blinds, great for covering wide openings or multiple glass panels.

What are linked roller blinds?

Linked roller blinds are two blinds linked together independently (blinds work independently) with an "intermediate" bracket.

What is the intermediate bracket?

An intermediate bracket is a single bracket that holds two blinds together. Instead of having two brackets in the centre where the blinds meet, you will only have one bracket.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are a less cluttered look in the centre where these blinds meet (one bracket vs. two brackets) and a slightly smaller gap between these two blinds.

How many intermediate brackets can I have?

One intermediate bracket for two blinds.

Can I link both single and double blinds?

Yes, both single and double roller blinds can be linked with intermediate bracket.

How to order linked roller blinds?

Order your blinds on our website, and put in a comment box that you require an intermediate bracket. Also, write in comments the room name of the blinds that will use them. We will email you the electronic invoice for the upgrade cost of $16.50 per intermediate bracket.

Have questions or need help?

Our team is always available to answer questions or give advice. Please feel free to get in touch with us.