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Holland Blinds

Want a window refresh? Try our Holland Blinds. They are modern, simple to use, and custom made to your sizes using only quality materials. Order online and enjoy Australia-wide delivery!

What are Holland blinds?

Holland blinds are just a different name for roller blinds - they are the same product.

Are Holland blinds easy to operate?

Yes, as Holland blinds are roller blinds, they are easy to operate. You can lower or raise the blind to your desired level by pulling the chain.

What are the available styles?

You can choose between blockout, sunscreen, light filtering, or double Holland blinds.

How can they be installed?

They can be installed inside the recess (Inside fit) or outside the recess - on the window architrave (Outside fit).

Can I choose the fabric roll?

Yes, you can choose the fabric roll. The available options are either Front Roll or Back Roll.

What is the maximum width available?

The maximum width for most materials is 3000mm. If you need to cover a larger span, you will need to use two or more blinds. 

Can they be installed in Bathrooms?

Yes. They can be installed in bathrooms, but choosing moisture-resistant materials is essential to withstand a humid environment.

Are Holland blinds safe for children?

Our Holand blinds (roller blinds) comply with Australian Child Safety regulations. Each blind is supplied with a chain safe device designed to tension the chain in compliance with child safe regulations.

Is there a warranty included with Holland blinds?

Yes, all our Holland blinds are covered by the lengthy warranty period, and you can see the exact length of the warranty on every product page.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions you would like to ask us, please feel free to get in touch.