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Tips for Buying Venetian Blinds Online

By: Jeffrey Hudson

Jeffrey Hudson

Tips for Buying Venetian Blinds Online

You will find a lot of Venetian blinds online, which makes the process of buying them a little more difficult. From choosing the right colour to finding the right finish and options, you have your work cut out for you. Before you make your final decision, consider a few of these tips for buying blinds online.

Ask Yourself What You are Looking For

You need to decide why you are buying Venetian blinds online before you can settle on a style or even material. Are you purchasing blinds to block out UV rays? Are you trying to redesign a room with a specific style? Any room with windows can be enhanced with Venetian blinds. Today’s Venetian styles go well beyond the aluminium styles of the 80’s and 90’s. In fact, you can find Venetian blinds in a variety of styles and materials. Blinds do generally cost less than curtains and drapes, and they are still energy efficient.

Custom Made Blinds vs. Ready Made Blinds

There is a choice of Venetian blinds online, some are ready made and some are custom made, so which way do you go?

  • Custom Made Venetian Blinds are of better quality and they will fit your windows perfectly as they are made to your window requirements. You can customize the colour, where your controls are etc…
  • Ready Made Venetian Blinds are almost always not as good as custom ones, there is normally less choice when it comes to colours and they are made to the sizes that either fit your windows or they don’t. Some retailers offer the cut down service for a fee but still, the results are almost always subpar.

Decide What Type of Material You Want

Venetian blinds come in a variety of materials and styles today. You will need to decide what type of material you’re looking for in order to shop efficiently. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Ecowood - Ecowood is durable and affordable compared to real wood blinds. They won’t fade, warp, chip or split and they are a fashionable alternative to real wood too. They can be more elegant than drapes, more functional than curtains, and come in a variety of colours (ranging from white to neutral to real wood).
  • Timber - Timber blinds can be elegant and highly durable. They are designed to suit almost any home décor style. Wood blinds are also very energy-efficient and help insulate your room.
  • AluminiumAluminium Venetian blinds are still a very popular choice of Venetian blinds especially in offices and medical centres. The most popular type is 25mm slimline Venetian blinds.

Assess Your Current Design

Your home’s current paint colour, design and even furniture can determine which type of Venetian blinds you should buy. Assess your space and how you want it to look, such as using real wood for a warm, inviting space or vinyl for a clean, modern look.

Final Word

As there are a few blinds retailers online, do your research, compare the prices and quality of the product and make sure you choose a reputable retailer to buy your blinds from. And if you want to find out how to keep these blinds clean, check out our "how to clean venetian blinds" step-by-step guide.